The first season of One-Punch Man introduced a slew of wild và wonderful heroes in a short space of time, so we"ve put together a list of the đứng top ranked heroes. The hero Association ranks these characters at the highest tier, S-rank. We examine the vị trí cao nhất ten & what has been revealed about them in the anime series thus far.

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We haven"t seen much of what Pig God can do, but we vày know that he eats a lot. From the moment he appeared at the S-class nhân vật meeting, Pig God was always shown chowing down on burgers và chips. He"s never been seen without shoveling food into his mouth. When the city was invaded và all the other heroes sprang into action, Pig God was nowhere to lớn be seen, despite also being present during the initial attacks.


None of Drive Knight"s combat abilities have been revealed in the One-Punch Man anime so far, but his/her robotic appearance hints at possible cybernetic enhancements. Drive Knight spoke khổng lồ Genos and warned him khổng lồ be wary of the hero Metal Knight và his/her less-than-honorable intentions, which we have yet to fully understand. Drive Knight didn"t seem fazed by the level of destruction the city experienced at the hands of invading aliens. Once it looked lượt thích other heroes had joined the battle, Drive Knight casually asked, "Can I go home? I have errands lớn run."

Unlike his namesake, Zombieman"s appearance isn"t that of a conventional zombie. Quite the opposite! Also unlike conventional zombies, he"s articulate và capable of being disgusted by others, namely Pig God and his constant eating. He has not yet revealed the extent of his combat abilities or anything about his personal history.

King is well respected among his peers, who dubbed him "the strongest man on Earth." However, he seems to give up quite easily when confronted with difficult situations. When the thành phố was attacked by a giant alien spaceship, he observed it và simply said, "There"s nothing I can do." He gave up on the fight before it had even started.

Another robotic hero, Metal Knight seems to operate independently from the rest of the team, given that he/she ignored an important summons khổng lồ a nhân vật meeting. Metal Knight first showed up in the series after the final fight had already concluded & the đô thị had been saved, & even then it was only for the purpose of salvaging giải pháp công nghệ the enemy had left behind. His reasoning? "Powerful weapons are a necessity for the sake of peace." Hmm.

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The genius Child Emperor is a petulant young boy who exhibits a high màn chơi of intelligence. He is equipped with a small backpack which has been shown sprouting four mechanical legs that can prop him up. While Child Emperor did not join in any physical fights in the first season, he is seen appears alongside other heroes to lớn examine enemies when they appear lớn invade Earth, but never actually gets his hands dirty.

Topknot? Check. Haori? Check. Samurai swords? Check. The haughty 37 year-old Atomic Samurai is a quick & capable fighter, repeatedly demonstrating his ability lớn cut enemies into fine pieces in mere seconds. Despite his great power, he also shows a stern but caring side towards his disciple, Iaian.

Famed master of martial arts, the elderly Silver Fang runs a dojo where he teaches his students the art of self-defence. Also known as Bang, his fighting style requires him khổng lồ get up close khổng lồ opponents, where he can deliver powerful punches and kicks. It seems old age hasn"t slowed this man down at all--he recovered quickly after being thrown through several thick walls & into rubble at high speeds during the battle with Melzalgald. Also, the guy is pretty ripped for an old-timer.

Don"t let her child-like appearance deceive you: the Tornado of Terror is a 28 year-old esper who wields incredible psychic powers. Also known as Tatsumaki (the Japanese word for tornado), she has been shown summoning giant meteors with ease & using her mind lớn lift large masses of rubble to toss at her enemies. She even possesses the ability lớn fly. She seems to lớn have a preference for dealing with enemies herself, telling other heroes to lớn get out of the way.

Not much is known about the highest ranked hero, Blast, except that he supposedly only shows up when the situation is absolutely dire and humanity is in peril. Being ranked number one would make him the most powerful of all the heroes, which is totally a cài đặt for him to fight series protagonist Saitama.